Function Grapher


Represent all types of mathmatical funtions with solvency


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Function Grapher is a tool to support mathematical study whose purpose is to represent graphically all types of mathematical functions.

The program includes two-dimensional Cartesian coordinates systems, three-dimensional polar system, cylinder and spherical systems, and it has support for creating functions in 2D, 2.5D, and 3D, spanning a wide spectrum that doesn't leave out any type of mathematical function.

Also, Function Grapher has a scientific calculator to complement the main tools, and the ability to represent so many functions such as animations and data tables, resulting in being a very useful tool for students (that are advanced or beginners) and faculty.

Finally, this program offers a comprehensive interface that will take very little getting familiar with if you haven't used similar programs before, but offers a lot of possibilities once you are introduced to it.

30 Day functional trial.

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